Living in Myanmar

Ok, we’re just here for about two weeks. So consider this a first impression of the Golden Land. It feels like we’ve been here much longer, probably due to the fact that we here last October as well. Furthermore, we’ve found a great (but small) house, that certainly adds to the feeling of being at home. After checking out around 15 houses we found this great spot already in our first week in Yangon. Although the pictures look charming and exotic, you have to realize that this just a small bungalow of around 60m2. It’s a small living room, large bedroom, tiny bathroom and an open kitchen. That’s it. The good news is the large veranda (which really is a carport) and the big garden. We live in a quiet, palm-lined street with only million-dollar houses surrounding us, but it seems we have the biggest garden of all. It feels like they have forgotten to build the bigger part of the house, leaving most of the land empty….

But who needs indoors space in this climate? Every night we sit on the veranda in our handmade teak easychairs, watching the short twilight dim the sky above Yangon. We light some charcoal to keep the mosquito’s away and enjoy the tropic (winter!) temperatures. Once in a while a car passes by, a ricksha, or a horse with tinkling bells. Strange Chinese-like music from a distant karaoke-bar, exotic bird sounds and barking street dogs add to the Asian flavor. We sip from our cold lemon-soda’s and watch our magenta Bougainville slowly wave with the evening breeze…..

Is it really all smooth sailing? No, of course not. In a house without tap water, gas, internet and with frequent power outages you need to improvise a bit. Yangon has grown so rapidly (over 5 million inhabitants) that many facilities that we take for granted in the west, haven’t been installed here. With a portable gas tank, water bottles, a voltage-stabilizer and a well-pump we can certainly manage. For now we enjoy the lovely weather, until the Monsoon hits us in May…..





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  1. I loved it .It seems really like a cosy home and as you know we live in 55 m2 so even it is a bigger house for us .And i can see you sitting in the evening at the veranda and enjoying …… hugs hugs hugs

  2. @ Cido, it is indeed a great place. We have enjoyed the veranda almost every night we moved there… So when will you be sitting next to us on our patio enjoying a myanmar beer or nice line juice? (We have two extra beds…. That is, we’ll be getting the matrasses this Saturday including our garden furniture. X

  3. Dat ziet er al kei gezellig uit, en een mooie fleurige plant op het terras, zo wordt het echt jullie stekkie, heel veel geluk saampjes.
    X Fenne, Rik & Janneke

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