New favourite restaurant

After again an exciting day of house and job hunting, we decided to end the day with a nice little stroll through the neighbourhood, especially since this might be OUR new neighbourhood. One of the houses we like is near our hotel.

The stroll definitely added additional ‘points’ to this optional house.

We came across several nice restaurants, a new beauty spa (manicure: only $5,-) and a huge shopping mall with a superbly stocked supermarket (where they sold ‘Gouda cheese’)… But the best was yet to come: An Asian restaurant that was a mixture between “all you can eat sushi” and “hotpot/Chinese fondue”. It had a conveyer belt going through the whole restaurant carrying all kinds of delicious (but often unidentifiable) ingredients…. Very tasty and definitely my new favourite restaurant in Yangon!




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  1. Hee! Een Ei!
    Ik wist niet dat ze die daar ook hebben.
    Anyway, good hunting for a new home.
    Ik hoop veel goede foto’s van jullie beiden te zien aankomend jaar.
    Cheers Lipp

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